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 Regional introduction

Cambodia is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The Mekong River is the largest river in Cambodia, nearly 500 km long in the country and flows across the east. The Tonle Sap is the largest lake in the Indochina Peninsula, covering an area of 2,500 km2 at low water level, and 10,000 km2 in rainy season. It is the best place to cultivate rice in the world due to its half sand half clay produced under the effects of alluviation between the Mekong Valley and the Tonle Sap in Cambodia. By taking advantage of Cambodia’s weak local industrial base, the pure jasmine rice has preserved the most primitive manpower growing mode.

Cambodia is situated in tropical zone which turns to be the best growth place of rice as it is endowed with fertile soil, climatic optimum, sufficient sunshine and plentiful rainwater. Cambodia has a long history of rice growth. Cambodians have been cultivating rice since the early Anno Domini. Going through splendid civilization of ancient city Angkor Wat, Cambodian rice has recorded and extended life of the ancient city jointly with numerous cold statues and architectures. Up to this day, local agricultural production is mainly traditional farming-oriented. Lasting for over one thousand years, Cambodian rice is one of the rare low-pollution rice all over the world, especially that is produced from half sand half clay plain formed under the effects of alluviation between the Mekong Valley and the Tonle Sap in Cambodia.

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